March 25, 2009


Ok, so after being gone for about a month, I've returned! Brighit was born on March 6th, 13 days early! We were in the middle of moving and I had done a lot that day and that's probably what brought it on, which is just fine with me. We are doing well adjusting to being a family of 4. Brighit does have a health issue, she has PKU. It's very rare and basically she is missing an enzyme that allows her body to process proteins, so she will not be able to eat any proteins when she starts eating solids...yes, that means milk, cheese, peanut butter, etc... She has to have special formula right now to go along with the regular formula. This will definately be a challenge as she gets older. I've always wanted to go into nutrition as well as PE and so this will be my chance. I know she was given to us because she will be well taken care of and we will do every thing that we can in order to give her a normal life. Here is a few pics...will be back tomorrow with more. Colleen LOVES her little sister and gives her way too many hugs and kisses for such a little one.

February 3, 2009


Finally, we got some decent snow!! About 4 inches of wet, good packing snow. Unfortunately the hubby had to fly to Conn. this morning for an auction so it was just this 34 week preggo mommy and the little one out in the snow. It takes enough effort to get ready for snow in without being pregnant, but having to get dressed, wearing clothes that don't really work for the snow because that's all you have, then trying to get a little one dressed without getting overheated in a joke!! I did manage to get us dressed and the little one had her first time out in the snow! She didn't really know what to make of it as it is cold (who would have thought that) and it was hard to walk in, so she didn't really like it. She did enjoy walking in the street (quiet neighborhood) and making mommy worry about the icy patches that were still around.

We are almost all done with the colds that we have had for the past week and a half. On top of the cold Colleen cut a tooth on one of the days, so I am glad that is over. Now it's back to just counting down until baby Brighit comes!!

Love is...
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